Foreign Policy Analysis Group provides private persons, government officials and businesspeople with an understanding of current and future state of international affairs. We focus our assessments on political risks and forecasting of political environment development. In our memos we provide a coherent grasp of the issues, thus allowing to make informed decisions. This task is achieved by combining several analytical approaches to handling information and observations.

1. Facts are the basis. We devote special attention to studying the actual circumstances of current events double and triple checking the facts.

2. Critical approach to sources. We persistently verify the quality of our sources and trace their reputation.

3. Emphasis on strategy. We concentrate on analyzing the strategies of actors by studying their needs, interests, resources, policies and tactics.

4. Objectivity. Unlike regular media, FPAG publishes materials that are free of ideology, speculation and sensation. Our materials provide the facts and the resulting trends.

5. International context taken into consideration. Global events are heavily intertwined. We analyze an issue in the broader context, keeping an eye out for similar occurrences.

6. Fieldwork. Our analysts regularly carry out fieldwork. We rely on an expansive global network of on-the-ground contacts and sources in 15 languages.

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