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Blaming Russia in the West: harmless, but useless

29 july 2014 | 22:00

Western governments locked up in short electoral cycles are bound to continue same policies towards Russia.

Islamic State gains victory for Chechen jihadists

17 july 2014 | 23:00

In the current context of perpetual Washington-Moscow browbeating, this narrative finds Moscow supporters in the Middle East and elsewhere. However, Russians have enough to worry about for themselves as IS not only has significantly influenced regional geopolitics, but has served asinspiration for extremist sympathizers in other parts of the world, breathing new life into their activities, such as for the Caucasus Emirate (CE) operating in the Russian North Caucasus.

Moscow to support Baghdad with aircraft as ISIS advances

7 july 2014 | 23:00

Theoretically, there is a reason to monitor the situation - Russia intends to strengthen its ties with the Iraqi government, especially with respect to military weapons.

Moscow stands for status quo in Ukraine

30 june 2014 | 23:00

The beginning of Ukranian peace talks is an important step for all sides. Kremlin's stand should also be taken into account given how strongly Russia and Ukraine are connected.


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Pentagon priorities: what to expect from the new US Defence Secretary

This appointment has almost no implications for the US military strategy like all the previous appointments in the last 20 years. Irrespective of who holds the position of the Defence Secretary, the US remains a naval power, whose continental territories will remain immune to opponents at least till 2050.

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